What Is The Best Way To Use Chrome?

 What Is The Best Way To Use Chrome?

What Is The Best Way To Use Chrome?

Best Way To Use Chrome

Google Chrome tips and tricks
  1. Sign in to Google Chrome.
  2. Add different profiles.
  3. Browse in private or delete your history.
  4. Access Chrome's settings.
  5. Learn basic keyboard commands.
  6. Add a “guest browser” account.
  7. Use the Task Manager.
  8. Manage Autofill settings.
Chrome is a must-have extension in our toolbox. Let’s take a closer look at the different functions of Chrome that make it stand out from its competitors.

Batch Pop Up Block
Chrome offers a neat extension called “Hide Chrome’s Popup Blocker” which replaces the pop-up blocker on your tabs and stops a certain set of pop-ups from showing up on your browser.
Right Click
Chrome comes with a good click extension named Right Click. You can right-click on a tab to see a glimpse of that tab and what else you have opened in another window of your browser.
To do this, click on a link, bookmark, message, directory or file and the right mouse button will appear on the right side of the window.
Clipboard Streams
If you are looking for an extension that lets you quickly look up a bunch of text in other websites, then this extension is one you need to add. It is one of the best tools Chrome has to offer. To do this, open Chrome on another tab. Open up your browser and go to a website that you want to look up. Go back to your current tab. 
Clipboard Locks
Do you like to make sure that all your tabs are closed when you are going to go to work? Or do you like to create new documents in your computer?  To do this, click on a link. Go back to your current tab. Click on the option “Change settings” in Chrome’s extension menu. Click on “Add a lock” on the right of the window and the lock option will be replaced with the lock you just added. Now you can copy and paste any link in any webpage into a new document, and the link will not be copied in the web application in which the page is loaded.

Canvas Can Not View
Does your handwriting look terrible?  If you look for “Best Way To Use Chrome”, you will find this extension, and if you want the best way to write in your browser, you can use this extension. To use the Canvas Can Not View extension, click on a text you want to copy and paste. Open up Chrome, go back to your other tab, and open a document in your browser with that text in it. Click on your clipboard icon on the toolbar. Click the text you want to write in your browser. The cursor will automatically be put on your text. Use a simple text editing tool to find out how the text should be written. Write the text down on the blank document. Use the pen to fill in the text. If you use text editing tools, you can even add different colors to make it look more like a handwritten text.
Quick Resume
This extension will allow you to see what you have been doing on your computer. Just open Chrome on a new tab. Right click on the tabs of your current tab, and you will see the section where you can see your open tabs. This is a really cool feature. And you don’t even need to restart your computer to see what you have been up to. Just click your browser’s option and you can see all the tabs that are open on your computer, and you can close all those tabs from the same place.
Add To Message Menu
You can add text, links, emails, any document from a file or just add text from any website to the message you are sending.

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