what is the best way to use twitter?


what is the best way to use twitter?

what is the best way to use twitter?

fiercely to tweet, ask and answer questions. is it possible for an unknown person to have as big an impact on what the masses can and want to read? has the use of twitter generated more new voices, new ideas, new political power, and new interactions?We only saw the beginning.
Should we try and manipulate an open source platform to make it more friendly to our message?
  •  are the liabilities?
  •  about the negatives: How might users reject a new form of posting, and suffer from it?
  • What can we do?

What risks might we incur?

My predictions:
Are we going to do anything to test it?
Should we tell people to only use the word tweeting, and thereby encourage new tweeting and new trends?
Should we use twitter with a provocative angle, or just to act, post and hope for the best?
Which celebrities will actually become social influencers?
Which tech companies will act, if they even want to?
What are the liabilities and the opportunities?
My questions:
Is Twitter going to be used or ignored by users?
Is the twitter infrastructure really friendly and could it be improved?
I wonder whether the design of the software is ideal for journalists?
What risks and opportunities exist?

What do I think?

I'm thinking some users won't use it.
I think some journalists will use it with freedom.
I think the net costs and benefits will change, and if the companies involved are savvy, they can make money.

With that comes the risk of getting what we're not looking for: a few good ideas, or a bandwagon effect.
That's not a bad thing, it's the way we live. We create new opportunities.
It takes some people a lot of time to find out what they want to do and who to do it with.
If twitter is going to grow, what's the best way to use it?
We've got a couple of choices.
"no news is good news"
Or, we can control the message.
That's the "no news" strategy.
That's the way to handle the platforms.
To handle the platforms, we need to make sure that we are well managed. That we can judge that tweets and tweets are easily managed.
That we can make it easier to follow, post and follow back. We can make sure people can find people on Twitter, and be able to follow someone if they want to.
That's easy to do.
to be valued, and to be valued.
If we can make this happen, we'll be all right.
I'm not saying that
journalists or bloggers won't find something they want to do, or that they won't make mistakes.
I'm not sure any of this will happen. I'm just saying that people think that it could.
Anyone to have a big impact, if they have an attention span.
I think twitter is just a small piece of the jigsaw.
I think the net cost and benefits will vary, and if the companies involved are savvy, they could make money.
With that comes the risk of getting what we're not looking

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