Blog website Traffic Kaise Laye 2022 Daily 10K | How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE Best Platforms

Blog website Traffic Kaise Laye 2022 Daily 10K | How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE Best Platforms

Blog website Traffic Kaise Laye 2022 Daily 10K | How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE Best Platforms

Blog website Traffic Kaise Laye 2022 Daily 10K | How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE Best Platforms

 How does everyone make all those hopes? All will be great, in this video, I am going to tell you how all of you can bring a lot of website Traffic to your site without creating any backlinks without paying any SU, yaar yeh wala jo method rahega sara ka saara copy paste Is the work of and this video I will tell you about not one, not two, eight such websites where website Traffic comes to Bill Linus in Mill Linus and many people, many bloggers use those web sites to add a lot of ads to their sites. If all of you work on those sites even for five minutes or ten minutes a day, then yaar ez ali your website will start getting website Traffic up to ten days a day and by using those web sites, I will also increase my sites. I build website Traffic, so if you are a Binner, you have a new side, you want to bring traffic to that site, take the approval of Adsense and start earning a good amount, then definitely this video is for you, step by step. Keep following the steps because many people are also seeing the name of this site.

Will take but the exact method that how to drive website Traffic from that site, he does not watch that method and because of this reason, he is not able to bring traffic to those sites on his side, so the video continues Keep watching, let's start the video, but before that you visit this channel for the first time, see my video for the first time, subscribe to this channel because similar videos in this channel, whether it is related to blogging, Google Adsense YouTube Be related to, I keep publishing from time to time, so be new on the channel, had seen the video for the first time and subscribe all four, ad did not like the video till now, then how to like it quickly? There are many people among you who comment me regularly, DM me on Instagram that we have taken approval but still the site which is on our side is not getting website Traffic is not coming. , Because of that earning is not happening and many people say that man, tell me some such methods so that we can earn more without making

Do some SEO on our site, there is a lot of daily website Traffic on our site, so seeing this, I am going to tell all of you about very dangerous sites in the video, from where you can bring weasly website Traffic. Sleep on your site, man, it runs on the laptop screen and there I explain to you in detail which sites are there, in what way you have to build traffic on your website by working on those sites? So let's because here I have opened all the files, I mean, opened all the sites and maintained them one by one, which websites do I tell you all about? I will explain in ad detail how you can drive website Traffic to your site? By using these web sites, the first one that comes to our site is Slide Sher. Dot Net Now this website is the first of all, so all of you will see the traffic, how much traffic do you get on this website? So almost the monthly visits of this website are one hundred and eighty-six million which is very high and on this website

Blog website Traffic Kaise Laye 2022 Daily 10K | How To Increase Blog Traffic For FREE Best Platforms

On this, just all of you can create slides and upload them, add in the slide, all of you can mention about your website and take website Traffic to your site, just tell the example, as if you have a topic on which you have written an article. If it is written, then you have to convert the same article, the demand that is PDF, you have to upload that PDF here, add in it all of you people can put the URL of your website in the internal index, from there when this But according to the views that will come, the website Traffic will be converted to your site and this thing works in actual, many people also follow it, then on slide sher dotnet, if all of you people want advance tutorial, I have full details on it. Will you tell me how to create an account, PDF etc. Then how to create and upload all the slides? If you want to bring traffic to your site, then I can make it in detail, tell me in the comment section, in this video, I am just going to introduce you to all those websites on which you want total.

You can tell me that thing with detail in the comment section below, which comes to us, it comes to Quora now, you will know about Quora, now do not think that I am going to tell you here that you will have questions. I am not going to tell you all these things, here you have to do a different thing, what is that different thing to do? Cora. You have to create an account on dot com, here you have to create a space, as you can see here, many people have created space, now what is the meaning of space, the way you created a group on Facebook, WhatsApp But you make a group, you make a page on Instagram, you make a page on YouTube, in the same way you can create a space on the fog, like a blogging help, there is a space here, look here, this is the whole page, on which you can see There are also some followers by fifty seven thousand, so here you have a page

Keep on doing this thing, friend, because there is a lot of website Traffic on the fog, then your reach of the post will be too much and you will have to work a little bit for five days, ten days and as soon as you work, it will be in front of you. Results will come, then let's see here, then the traffic of Quora is also about five hundred and forty four million, so in this way, if you want to find the answer to the question, then you have a lot of difficulty in this, it takes a lot of time, then it is on you. You can create your own space and start working there and what is its eligibility? If you want to know a lot of things then definitely tell in the comment section, I will also make an advance tutorial on this for all of you, which is our next platform, next website comes, that website is our mix. dot com Now this website, this website is also visited by a lot of people, there is a lot of website Traffic, I can tell you that the traffic is less in comparison to other websites, but look here, you are one.

Point forty million means traffic up to one pound forty million, from this side you can also take more website Traffic to your website, how can you take it, so here all of you just have to create a mix like here See, I was already making a tutorial here, so in that I told you how to build traffic by walling this site, then I said simply, like if you have published an article on your website, then hand to hand Whatever the title of the article you have, you have to put all those things, you have to publish it, whatever this thing will go in front of the user, as if he clicks here, then automatically he will be referred to the mix, that is, after redirecting to your site. Will come to that site, then in this way you can build traffic on your site, now it depends on which topic you are creating the mix here, because if you put such a topic here Which means people have not searched much, you will not get much website Traffic from that, but if you are good here Work

If you publish good content etc. then from here also you can take website Traffic up to a level. If you work on dot com mix or not but you have to do it on medium because here you just look at this medium dot com website Traffic, there is a traffic of two hundred and twenty three million and this site here you will know that What to do, you have to create articles by hand copy and paste here, if you are facing any problem even in copy pasting, then just the link of the article on your website, that link will also come from you like medium. If you put it on dot com then your complete article will come, in that article you just have to do internal in, whatever you want to put on your website, if you read six then automatically friend many people will visit your website too, rest if you want to take traffic only then For that, you have many such ideas so that you can take traffic from Medium, in which way you can take traffic further, there are two methods to take traffic from Medium? first method

Because this is a website, there is a lot of traffic on this website, so directly you target the things that are searched in it and put articles and the second method is this website, the authority of this website is very high so that if Targeting your words, you make articles on it, the articles you publish on the site will be weasly ran on the top position, from there you can take traffic to your site, as you can see that brother is very much here Means different people can put articles, if I click on any one image then directly medium. Through dot com, which will be the website of that person, I will be redirected to that website, as you can see, using this method, a lot of people are taking website Traffic, after that our next website comes, the next platform comes. Google site comes, now look, I have made advanced tutorials on medium dot com too, okay and I have made advance tutorials on how you have to work on Google sites.

You will find all the Linux in the description box, now Google sites also have a simple role of medium. It is similar to dot com, here you just have to create a site, as if you want to rank any article or you want the article to be ranked, even if website Traffic comes to your website, just You have to copy your details of that article which are words, in the same way, if you want to create a site here on Google site and leave those details here, because the authority of Google site is also very high, then these sites which You will make Easy Ali index, get ranked on top position, add its proofs also, I shared you in the series of micro niches in previous Windows, so you can work on Google site also, if you have time now If you want an advance then definitely tell me in the comment section below, I will also make a video on this, after that you can visit our website.

You can bring very good website Traffic to your site. First of all, all of you have nothing to do, you have to create an account on this website, click on the section of John Now, make a phone and here whatever skills you have Whatever article you put, all you just have to create a post which is dedicated keyword, you have to publish the post by applying those keywords, add that post will go in front of a lot of people, add from that you All people can bring a lot of website Traffic to their site by putting links etc there, but even if you want a dedicated complete tutorial video, then you can tell that thing in the comment section below, I will tell the whole video with the help of Linkedin. How can you bring website Traffic to your website, as I said, there is an introduction video, and in the coming time, I will provide you advanced tutorials for all the websites, and now our last and final website is our website. Wherever you are watching the video, I mean, YouTube, YouTube also the same very

It is a great platform here, if brother, all of you regularly put videos etc., whatever you are putting articles, putting content on your website, you just have to create a video related to that content, that is, that content You have to make video form from tax form, you have to upload it on YouTube, you can also upload the same video on linked in, add, after that, link in description etc. to your website, your brand to the brand. You can promote, which will increase the reach of your brand, that is, your website will go in front of people, then every brand does these things, every person does, so you should also do it so that your website has a little Popularity should let people know that yes brother, you also have a website out of so many garbage, means you also have so many websites, if you get this on that website, then you can use these web sites to promote that content. So man, these were the eight websites that I think a winner must use if he right

But wants to bring website Traffic and here, out of these websites, if you work regularly on two or three or five websites on which you do not have to work at all, then for one month or two months, when you work, you will see the results in front of you. You will know that man this thing works in actual

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